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Request A Driver

Request a ride whenever you need it. Tap and let your driver take you where you want to go, worry-free.
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Turris Pro 

Hire professionally trained drivers as your personal chauffeur. Your personalized ride awaits you.
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Turris Care+ 

Use our specialized service for adults and children with disabilities who are not physically able to drive and need a daily or weekly service for transport.
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Turris Royal 

Get all Turris benefits for one price + free rides. Ride discounts, top-rated drivers, special perks and priority booking at luxury hotels and restaurants.
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What is Turris?

Turris is an on-demand black car service using cognitive technologies to connect professional drivers with riders in the US. Founded in 2022, the company is the first to collaborate modern ridesharing with classic chauffer services.

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Personalize your ride experience from the back seat.

Every Turris ride offers a VIP experience tailored to your preferences.

Riders can customize in-vehicle amenities through their user profiles.


Reserve A Driver!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your personalized ride. Your driver is aware of your pre-planned trip and is set to take you wherever you need to go.

Your professional, uniformed driver is ready to escort you. Through the app, riders can preselect from a list of vehicle amenities to increase the ride experience.


Become A Turris Driver & Make More Money

Drivers make more money with Turris than any other rideshare platform.

All Drivers receive a welcome package after signing up. The welcome package includes a purple Turris zip up vest and reusable white gloves.

The Turris Experience

The Turris Experience is getting to your destination in style, reserving an all inclusive driver for your special night.
The possibilities are limitless.

Download our APP to get picked up in class with Turris!

Turris connects to thousands of licensed drivers in nearly every major metro area in the US. Request your ride in seconds and watch your black car service driver arrive in minutes.

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