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The VIP Experience

Join the Turris VIP Experience

Turris offers a specialized pricing package for riders that need consistent daily or weekly transportation. Go from a traditional rider status to an elite-member and enjoy awesome perks and exclusive swag rewards.

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Get all the benefits for one price + free rides.

Turris VIP offers Members-only pricing, privileges, and promotions with a wide network of leading hotels and restaurants.

Enjoy a monthly subscription to exclusive offers!
$ 59.99 Monthly
Best choice
Enjoy up to 20% off by paying annually
$ 599 anually
Enjoy custom pricing and discounts for businesses

Come Along for the Ride

A Membership community of individual riders, business executives and celebrities who receive unmatched benefits and professional driver services.

Full Fleet Access

Riders get exclusive access to new and high-end luxury cars and SUV’s.

Members-only Pricing

Sign up to experience discounted rides and fleet pricing for every occasion.

Free Rides

Every time you book with us, you will accumulate rewards points that are exchangeable for free rides.

Exclusive Offerings

Enjoy exclusive offerings and promotions with a wide network of leading hotels, entertainment venues and restaurants.


The Brand Ambassador Program

Join the Turris VIP Experience

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